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Image Name : Women in our lives

 ) STARRING:  THE LADIES IS OUR LIVES  (Grandmas, Moms, Sisters, Daughters, aunts, friends) It’s time to celebrate all the ladies in our lives and if you just want this a background for other photos you can just take off a couple of wording and it is still great pages!  Two pages with have a huge colorful globe with the title ‘you mean the world to me’, two pages will have the title ‘all you need is love’ with a fun layout listing every ‘kind’ of ladies in our lives (like listed above).  And 2 pages with be a fun now way to prep our background paper and be filled with lots of love and different generic springtime diecuts.  And before you wonder next month’s alternate will be the same as this except in masculine colors and designs!


2018 May Main 1805M

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