We are beginning our “SCRAPBOOK EXTRAVAGANZA” – it will continue clear through (and including) March.  Here is the details ... we have tried to make this very simple and easy for you and for us ... and let you enjoy a fun winter ‘extravaganza’.  

1. Each month there will be 4 new kits designed.  If you choose to join our ‘EXTRAVAGANZA’ you will simply click the button on the ‘EDIT MONTHLY ORDER’ tab that is labeled “SCRAPBOOK EXTRAVAGANZA”.   This will make your monthly order for ALL 4 kits – but ONLY charge you for 3! 

2. Each month of this ‘EXTRAVAGANZA’ you will need to log on to your account, go to ‘edit monthly order’ and click the “SCRAPBOOK EXTRAVAGANZA” button.  And each month you will be sent all 4 new kits – for the price of 3. 

3. We will not be able during this “EXTRAVAGANZA” to substitute kits with previous ideas, sorry.  Remember, we are trying to simplify this process for you and us (including our customer service manager).

4. You can opt out of any month you don’t want to participate in ... but not all these kits (especially the alternates) will be available to purchase at a later date as we will be customizing the number we will be producing to correspond to our “EXTRAVAGANZA” orders.